Xinjiang cloth bag dust collector dust bag different treatment methods

2021-03-15 12:21:45

Xinjiang cloth bag dust collector dust bag different treatment methods

We all know that the cleaning effect of the bag dust collector is basically determined by the bag. The following small series introduces 6 different cleaning methods of the bag dust collector in Xinjiang, that is, the method of choosing different materials of the bag:

1. Antistatic treatment of cloth bag

Some dust in the specified concentration state, encounter sparks will be easy to burn。Therefore, for flammable or explosive dust, acupuncture felt filter material with antistatic treatment should be selected。Antistatic filter material refers to the fiber of the filter material mixed with conductive fiber or substrate woven with conductive function of the strip yarn, so that the entire filter material has conductive performance, the use of static electricity through the filter material to the dust collector box and the ground, to prevent the explosion caused by electrostatic sparks。

2. Cloth bag waterproof and oil-proof treatment

We use the treatment method of fluorocarbon resin and PTFE impregnation on the needled felt filter material. The surface of the filter bag has hydrophobicity, and the water droplets form the effect of rolling on the lotus leaf on the surface of the cloth, which is easy to trap dust and avoid and reduce the phenomenon of pasting the bag and corroding the bag due to dew formation when the temperature difference is relatively large。

3. Bag burning and pressing treatment

This treatment is mainly used to burn the fluff against the surface of the fast-walking cloth, and then the surface of the cloth is ironed with a high temperature roller, so that the surface of the cloth is smooth and easy to clean。This not only improves the cleaning performance of the filter material, but also meets the collection of fine dust。

4. Cloth bag heat setting treatment

In addition to the post-processing of the dust bag, we also need to heat finalize the dust bag。The purpose of heat shaping is to eliminate the residual stress during the processing of the filter bag, so that the size of the filter bag is stable and the surface is smooth。If the size of the filter bag is unstable, the filter bag is easily deformed in the process of use, which will increase the friction between the filter bag and the keel, and the keel in the filter bag will be difficult to extract, which will lead to the occurrence of dust accumulation。

5, the bag is easy to clean ash treatment

Generally, it is a mirror treatment, or the surface layer is needled on the surface of the cloth with a fine denier fiber surface layer, so that the cloth has a cleaning performance, and can work for a long time at a high filtration wind speed。

6, the bag PTFE coating treatment

If the particle size of the dust is less than 1 micron, or the dust has great adhesion, or the humidity containing gas is large, ordinary filter material is unable to filter effectively。The coated filter material with polytetrafluoroethylene as raw material has not only filtration accuracy, but also smooth surface, will not adhere to dust, easy to clean ash, and dust will not penetrate into the interior of the filter material。

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