Xinjiang cloth bag dust collector dryer the working principle of dust collector

2021-03-15 12:22:13

Today, we mainly explain the working principle of Xinjiang bag dust collector: We cover the air inlet pipe and shell of the dryer bag dust collector with 10-15CM thick insulation layer (such as asbestos, etc.), and configure a reliable air lock device at the ash discharge to avoid cold air entering the dust collector。When the dust gas enters the ash hopper through the air intake,Some coarse dust particles fall into the ash hopper due to inertial collision, natural settlement and other reasons,Most of the dust particles rise with the air flow into the bag chamber,After being filtered through a filter bag,Dust particles are trapped on the outside of the filter bag,The purified flue gas enters the box from inside the filter bag,Then through the valve plate hole, outlet into the atmosphere,To achieve the purpose of dust removal;As the filtration process goes on,The dust accumulation on the outside of the filter bag is gradually increasing,The operation resistance of the dust collector is gradually increased。

If the moisture in the raw material of the dryer bag dust collector is low, and the waste gas of the clinker cooling machine is used as the heat source, the moisture in the flue gas will be less, and the specific resistance of the dust will inevitably increase。At this time, the dust concentration of the exhaust gas of the dryer electrostatic precipitator will increase sharply, in this case, full attention should be paid to the size of the selected electrostatic precipitator。If the amount of dried material changes, the flue gas properties will also change。Generally, when the amount of dried materials is reduced, the flue gas temperature is increased, and the moisture is reduced. If the electrostatic precipitator is used, the dust charge in the electrostatic precipitator is unstable at this time, and the dust removal efficiency is reduced。

When the dryer bag dust collector resistance increases to the pre-set value or reaches the set time, the cleaning controller sends a signal, first control the lifting valve to close the valve plate hole, cut off the filter smoke flow, stop the filtration process, and then the electromagnetic pulse valve opens, in a very short time (1.1~0.15S) The injection pressure into the box is 0.5~0.7MPA compressed air, compressed air in the box rapidly expanded, into the filter bag, so that the filter bag deformation, vibration, coupled with the effect of reverse air flow, the dust outside the bag will be removed into the ash hopper, after the dust removal is completed, the lifting valve is opened again, the dust collector into the filter state。The cleaning action is automatically controlled by PLC, and the cleaning control is divided into timing type and constant pressure type。


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