Company profile

Xinjiang Hongjinhui Environmental protection Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was establishedIn 2007, after decades of development and accumulation, it has gradually grown into a professional manufacturer of environmental protection, industrial and mining equipment and non-standard steel components through the initial equipment repair and machining。

In product design always adhere to: manufacturing and installation: simple, direct, efficient  In product use and maintenance: reasonable, scientific, fast。

Main: Environmental protection, industrial and mining equipment, non-standard parts, steel components design, manufacturing and installation。With turning, milling, planing, grinding, boring, rolling, bending, bending, welding, punching and cutting machine, gear hobbing machine (wholesale gear, sprocket), large high-frequency quenching equipment 400Ton press Heavy plate tube laser cutting machine (to undertake batch plate and profile cutting business), seven-axis welding robot, crawling welding robot (to undertake batch welding parts)Laser welding, laser rust removal, cold welding machine。400 tons of heavy pull bending machine, 400 tons of top bending machine, 200 tons of three-roll bending machine, 100 tons of arch bending machine (to undertake all kinds of profiles in Xinjiang field bending business), rolling machine and other professional equipment, with independent manufacturing of various非标The power of the device。

Service tenet: Use customer recognition to measure the value of our existence。